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To provide a fully public forum for discussion and articles about all of the languages used or created by J. R. R. Tolkien.

(We are currently working on 47 articles and many category pages.)

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See the Community Portal for pointers to salient parts of the site. You should be able to reach it, and the main Help screen, from links on the sidebar of most pages.

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Please use the talk/discussion pages linked to every article, project, and user page to ask about page content, give an opinion on it, or make suggestions. Please sign and date those contributions (if logged in, using four tildes - "~" - is one quick way).

Projects planned by founderEdit

  1. Behind the Gateway: Comments and Corrections to David Salo's A Gateway to Sindarin
  2. Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Languages of Middle-earth

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See The Lord of the Rings Wiki.

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